The World is a Little More Bland Today

Folks, if you’re down, talk to someone.  If you don’t think you have someone to talk to, put away your pride and call a therapist.  If your pain is acute and you don’t know how to find professional help, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-8255 (U.S.).  The International Association for Suicide Prevention is available worldwide.

Anthony Bourdain, 1956-2018


4 thoughts on “The World is a Little More Bland Today”

  1. We are only a week into June and it is starting to seem like the year 2016 with celebrity passing’s. A bad week- Bourdain, Spade, Dwight Clark, Red Schoendienst, former Pittsburgh Pirate Bruce Kison..


    1. As a Cardinals fan, the loss of Schoendienst, while not shocking, is another small piece of childhood gone. Redbird Hall of Famers (and Willie McGee) are royalty to us. The Bourdain news is really a gut punch. He was an original.

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      1. Red was a great baseball guy no question. 95 years old a good run though! I am thinking Red was the oldest living World Series manager as far as the year they were in the series- now i think that title goes to Tommy Lasorda 1977.

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