7 thoughts on “August 16 – R.I.P. to the Queen of Soul”

  1. The Queen of Soul- died on the same date as The King of Rock and Roll- and The Sultan of Swat- Babe Ruth… what a voice- I believe Rolling Stone in a special issue had her as the #1 greatest singer ever. I can’t argue that…..Janis meanwhile…..

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    1. I was six and on a family camping trip out west when Elvis died. We were in S. Dakota or Colorado somewhere, and my step-mom bought me a little canary yellow Elvis iron-on t-shirt that said “Love Me Tender.” I remember Groucho Marx died that same week if I’m not mistaken, and I was more sad about him than Elvis.

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      1. At the time I thought of Elvis as being an icon of my parents generation- not of mine- I wasn’t a fan at the time. I knew of him and all- knew the hits he had etc- but I thought of him as being very unhip at the time.. and old- he was 42 after all.

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  2. Man, I saw an online piece on CNN earlier today – what an incredible vocalist, very sad! Though it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

    I had tickets to see Aretha in March of this year at New Jersey Performing Arts Center.
    The show would have coincided with her 76th birthday. It was canceled on short notice due to an unidentified illness.

    When I read in media reports at the time that Franklin’s doctor had ordered complete rest for like three months or so, I had a bad feeling the gig would have been the last opportunity to see her.

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