August 26 – Hey Jude/Revolution

The Beatles – Single:  Hey Jude/Revolution

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of yet another of those incredible non-album Beatles singles, Hey Jude b/w Revolution.  So much was happening at this time (when wasn’t this the case with the Beatles?):  They were still a couple of months away from completing what would come to be known as the White Album.  They were up to their ears with Apple business and searching for direction after the death of manager Brian Epstein the summer before.  They had been burned by critics (and perhaps by their own hubris) with the ill-fated Magical Mystery Tour film.  Personal and artistic differences among them were beginning to come to a head.  But they were the Fab Four, so they just kept moving.  And look what they gave us…







3 thoughts on “August 26 – Hey Jude/Revolution”

  1. Not only does it amaze me that John and Paul especially were able to write these songs in the first place- but they were able to do this while their lives were going 200 MPH and at times seemingly out of control. Hey Jude has to rank as one of their greatest ever singles and one of the greatest ever singles- Period.

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  2. Two of the gems in The Beatles late-stage catalog.

    Paul playing “Hey Jude” continues to be a highlight in his concerts to this day.

    As for “Revolution,” I think we should all follow David Bowie’s instruction on the back cover of his Ziggy Stardust album: “TO BE PLAYED AT MAXIMUM VOLUME” – and, for those of us who don’t live in a solitary house in the middle of the forest or elsewhere, hope for nice neighbors!🎸😜

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