January 17 – An Early Elton Single

Elton John – Single:  Lady Samantha 

Lady Samantha was Elton’s second single. It was written by John and Bernie Taupin, and released this day 50 years ago (and a year later in the US), six months before the release of his first album. He performed the song on various British radio broadcasts, and while critics liked it, it didn’t garner much attention by the record buying public.

Val Wilmer/Redferns/Getty Images.

This is an early Elton/Bernie collaboration with an esoteric bent I like quite a bit. It’s about the ghost of a lady who frightens everyone who sees her, but in reality she’s a sad figure. I first heard this song on the To Be Continued… box set and liked it immediately. Caleb Quaye’s electric guitar is a cool counter to Elton’s funereal organ playing. I thought it would’ve fit in perfectly on his first album, Empty Sky. It was in fact added to 1995 reissue of that album along with a few other early singles and b-sides. 

Side A:  Lady Samantha

Side B:  All Across the Heavens (UK), It’s Me That You Need (US)





4 thoughts on “January 17 – An Early Elton Single”

  1. Nice tune I don’t recall having heard before.

    I used to listen to John Elton pretty frequently, especially during my teenage years. During the past two decades I gradually lost interest, though I still like some of his 70s music and the “Too Low For Zero” album from 1983.

    I’ve never seen him live and also wasn’t drawn to catching him on his farewell tour.

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