January 30 – Beatles on the Roof

So, this happened 50 years ago today…




We’re also starting to get a good idea of what to expect with regard to the 50th anniversary of the Let it Be documentary. I actually find this to be exciting news, as it will shed a different light on the project. I don’t think it will be a revisionist light, as there’s no reversing the fact that the group was slowly dissolving while being filmed, but it will apparently illustrate that the Get Back sessions in January of 1969 as shown in Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original film weren’t dreary and depressing all the time. There were 55 hours of unused film taken that month! I don’t care if Yoko’s in 99% of it – she was there a lot, after all. I just hope Billy Preston gets his due. And, fear not, we’ll also get the original film, restored in all its bleak glory.






10 thoughts on “January 30 – Beatles on the Roof”

      1. Yes, definitely as part of the 50th. I’m wondering what the audio release will be like, though they’ll probably dial back the Let it Be talk here pretty quickly since Abbey Road’s 50th is this year.

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  1. This is Awesome… I hope someone doesn’t change their mind. You are right. Only the disagreement between George and Paul is depressing or uncomfortable. The rest is alright. Not cheery but not that bad.
    Love the Simpson’s video…

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